Hi, I'm Holly Heartz

Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist based in Fredericton, NB.

I have been counselling athletes from recreational to Olympic since 1998. I apply practical advice based on sound scientific principles to help people understand nutrition. My background is in exercise physiology and sport science, medical nutrition therapy, along with sport specific nutrition recommendations helps athletes attain their goals.

Holly Heartz, Nutritionist.

My personal interest in nutrition was initiated during my teens with a desire to fit in with the body norms observed in my peers. I was always trying to "slim down". Exercise wasn't cutting it and I didn't have a firm understanding how food could help. This frustration sparked my desire to further my understanding.

Years later, I continue to be as active as possible and eat foods for their nutritional components...not just to attain the body I desire. I see many athletic and non-athletic women who fall into the same category of desiring a specific body and not able to attain it. There are many other factors around metabolism, genetics, stress, and just living life that need to be addressed. I can help in this understanding for the individual seeking more knowledge.


Experience that brings more to the table than just knowledge.

  • Over 22 years working with recreational & elite athletes

  • Master's of Science in Exercise & Sport Science

  • Board Certified Specialist in Sport Dietetics (CSSD)

  • ISAK Level 1 Kinanthropometrist

  • Diploma in Sports Nutrition Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee 

  • Bachelor of Science, Honours (food & nutrition)

  • Bachelor of Science (biology major)

My Nutrition Philosophy

I aim to support athletes and active individuals in their nutrition and performance goals. Your nutrition plan should be personalized and consider your health and well-being.  Recommendations are based on scientific evidence.

Meals and snacks that are enjoyable and fuel the body are important in meeting this goal. Restriction and labeling food good or bad are not part of my process and is not necessary. Continuing a good relationship with food is of utmost importance.

“A proper diet cannot make an average athlete elite, but a poor diet can make an elite athlete average.”


— Asker Jeukendrup

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