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Below are the various services I can provide. Plans can be personalized based on your goals regardless if you're an athlete, a coach, or a parent.

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One-on-one counselling to support your nutrition goals.

1 Hour - $145


Initial & follow-up sessions, food journal review, resources, and more.

3 Hours, starting
at $370

Group Education

Group-based nutrition education for athletes, coaches, and parents.

1h 30 min.

Starting at $350

Contract Services

  • Brand Ambassador/product spokesperson

  • Branded blog posts

  • Recipe development

  • Content development/editorial writing & contributions

  • Food event hosting.


Prices vary, contact me to get a quote.

All services include a detailed evaluation of current diet and recommendations for improvement.

  • Individualized nutrition guidelines for your health concerns and nutrition goals

  • Eating strategies 

  • Meal planning 

  • Vitamin and mineral needs

  • Nutrition education

  • Education on healthier cooking, recipe modification

Did you know…

your insurance provider may cover the cost of your nutrition session... either fully of partially?

Contact your provider to find out!

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